if u ever feel lost u just need some usher in ur life

Sometimes u just gotta let it burn

Cooking is so easy, I have no idea how people fuck it up. Like just read the damn recipe.

There’s this Afghan restaurant in Wallingford that’s been around since as long as I can remember and I need to try it out


Okay seriously I want fucking indian food right now


How can you not like bananas first of all

I’m 5’8” tho

I’m anywhere between 140-150 lbs depending on how much water I’ve been drinking how shitty I’ve been eating.


"you know what? fuck school. im going to go watch evangelion." a teenage boy said before quitting school forever. as you may have already guessed…that student was albert einstein

Shoot up heroin after finals to double your pleasure

The relief of finishing your finals is what I imagine heroin feels like

Why pay for Netflix when you can download any episode of any tv show for free the night it airs?

I was ahead of the curve on this fashion trend





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